Localised fat reduction

Complete body contouring

Cooltech Define is a cutting-edge cryoadipolysis device that allows the treatment of 4 areas simultaneously.

Why is Cooltech Define like no other?

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Cooling plates

Full contact of the plates with the tissue for better fat freezing results.



Treat up to 4 areas of your patients body at the same time. Make the most of your time and theirs.

9 ergonomic applicators

Applicators designed to adapt to all areas, tissues and needs.


Ensure the best results with accurate assessments and optimise planning time.


Boost the treatment efficacy with the masseger, restoring post-treatment blood circulation.


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    Free Cool Gel Pads for first month of device purchase

    Patented Cool Gel Pad -50ºC Smart Contact

    The Cool Gel Pad -50ºC Smart Contact by Cocoon Medical is designed to protect the skin from the low temperatures during a cryoadipolysis treatment.

    New formula with -50ºC gel which decreases freezing point and allows deeper penetration in the skin. Higher viscosity to keep the gel in the centre of the pad where the applicator will be placed protecting the skin during all the treatment.

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    Before and After

    14 weeks after Cooltech Define treatment.

    Before and After

    10 weeks after Cooltech Define treatment.

    10 weeks after Cooltech Define treatment.

    Multiple combinations in just one session

    SubmentalFlankSuprapectoralInfrapectoralSupraumbilical abdomenInfraumbilical abdomenArm

    Outer thighInner kneeFrontal upper kneeLower bikiniSuprascapularInfrascapular

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