Diode Laser Professional Hair Removal System


Primelase is a unique high-power diode laser offering unparalleled benefits for your patients and your practice thanks to a proprietary, patented technology that ensures the most effective hair removal and the highest profitability for your clinic.

Prime performance, Prime results


03 Wavelengths -  4.800W Power -  3 Spot sizes - All Skin Types

“Primelase Excellence is the first laser platform that combines different wavelengths to perform hair removal on all skin types —including tanned skin— on all hair types —including redidual hair. Its high versatility allows you to perform other treatments such as rejuvenation, vascular lesions, acne and pigmented lesions. Because of its high power, I can get much faster and better results, and virtually painless sessions. The value for money of Primelase, that allows to treat so many cases, is almost unbeatable. No doubt we are dealing with a piece of equipment that will give you something to talk about”.

— Dr. Carlos Fajardo Clínica Fajardo

(*) Some intended uses are pending of FDA and Health Canada clearance.

Indicated treatments

Multiple Wavelengths  & Treatments

  • 3 different spot sizes: 20×9, 30×9 and 30×17.
  • High Peak Power: 4.800W.
  • Static and dynamic modes.
  • All patients, all hair, all year.

Technology & Characteristics

We have created the most versatile platform that provides high precision.

3 different wavelengths

The system offers three different wavelengths, 755nm, 810nm and a Blend of 810nm, 940nm and 1060nm to ensure the maximum versatility for all skin types.

Ultra Short Pulse

Very short pulse duration means less time to reach the desired target temperature at the root of the hair while maintaining the surface of the skin cool.

Crystal Freeze

Our exclusive contact cooling technology maintains a constant temperature of 41°F (5°C) to protect the epidermis and ensure a cool sensation during the entire treatment.

Dynamic Mode

High frequency + lower energy levels using a multi-pass technique offers a unique combination of effectiveness and comfort for high-density areas and darker skin tones which are more prone to sensibility issues.


Primelase is certified and cleared by the top certifying bodies in the world including the US FDA, European CE and many other international groups which warrantee the safety of the treatments for yours and your patients’ peace of mind.

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No hidden running costs

Primelase system is covered by its bumper-to-bumper warranty that ensures immediate replacement of system or applicators in case of technical problems which ensures minimal disruption of services and loss of profit (image of warranted stamp or similar).

The kind of diode lasers used in our Primelase system, without the conventional diode array microchannels for water cooling used by competitors which cause know corrosion and obstructions that demand frequent handpiece replacement, warrantees the most extended applicator life in the industry with minimal work disruption.

Without expensive fibers, laser heads, cooling sprays and other artificial consumables, Primelase is the most profitable system in the market.

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