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In accordance with the legislation in force, users are hereby informed that this domain is owned by

Company name: HIGH TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS S.L.U. (hereinafter referred to as COCOON or the company)

Address: Calle Gall 22 08950 Esplugues del Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain. Tel.: +34 934 588 566

Tax ID Code (CIF): B62692603

Registration: Recorded in the Companies Register of _________, Volume _________ Folio __________ Sheet ___________


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If a person accesses and uses the website and the application, they become a user of the website and application, (hereinafter referred to as the “User”), which means that they accept all of the terms and condition included in this Legal Notice and any modifications made thereto that the Company, COCOON MEDICAL, S.L., (hereinafter referred to as COCOON or the Company), reserves the right to make at any given time with no need for any prior notice, modifications or updates on the website or application, regarding the settings and appearance thereof and the access conditions.

Therefore, the User must always read this Legal Notice each time they access the website or the application since the usage conditions contained herein may be subject to modifications. In any case, merely using and browsing the website and using the application will always mean that they accept the condition of User without any waivers on any of these general access and usage conditions.


All of the existing content on the website and application, including but not limited to: texts, photos, graphics, videos, images, icons, technology, software, links and any further photo, video or audio content, as well and the graphic design and source code, are property of the Company, which has usage rights thereto, where applicable. As such, these works are covered by the legislation in force regarding national and international intellectual and industrial property rights at any given time. Therefore, it cannot be deemed that any of the usage rights recognised in the intellectual property rights thereover have been transferred to the User.

Therefore, in accordance with the legislation in force regarding intellectual property and the provisions in force at any given time, it is absolutely prohibited to partially or totally use any of the content that appears on the website or app or to copy, reproduce, adapt modify or transform the website content, where applicable, to distribute or publish the content, even by making it available, for commercial purposes, in any format or on any device, without express written permission from the Company.

The brands, trade names and distinctive markings are the property of the Company and it cannot be understood that accessing the website grants any rights thereover.

Therefore, the User merely accesses the website, this means that they undertake to respect the Company’s intellectual and industrial property rights.


Among the content found on the website and the app, there may be links to other websites managed by third parties in order to provide the User with information accessible online.

The Company takes no responsibility for the existence of link between third parties or to external websites and the links that pay be provided on the website or app are for the User’s information, not under no circumstance can the Company be deemed to be a guarantor and/or provider of the service and/or information that third parties may offer on the links and, therefore, the Company takes no responsibility for the damage caused if the contents and/or services on the website are illicit, poor quality, outdated, unavailable, erroneous or useless, or for any other damage.

Therefore, the Company shall be held exempt from any liability for the services and/or information provided on other pages linked to from the Website. The User is hereby informed that if they deem that there is a link to a website with an illicit or unsuitable content, they can inform the Company by email.

Lastly, it is prohibited to add hyperlinks for commercial or associative purposes to pages that do not belong to the Company that allow access to the Company’s website without express consent and/or authorisation. If authorised by the Company conditions will be set to add links from their site to the Company’s website.


4.1 General

The User acknowledges and accepts that they freely and voluntarily use the website and app under their own liability.

Therefore, the User must use the website and app correctly and illicitly, in accordance with the Law, this Legal Notice, good faith and public order, abstaining from using the website and app in any way that could impede or hinder or damage the Company’s normal operations, assets, rights and interests, those of its suppliers, the other users or, in general, any other third party, or that could overload, damage or disable the Company’s networks, servers, hardware, products or software or those of third parties, meaning that the Company or the third parties will hold the User liable for any damage that may be caused by the breach of such obligations.

When the User uses the website, the following actions are prohibited (this is not an exhaustive list and it may be modified):

  • The use of viruses or any other file or program designed to disrupt, damage or limit the functioning of the website, any of the Company’s services or networks, any software, hardware or telecommunications device, or damage or obtain unauthorised access to the Company’s data or that of any third party.
  • Commit identity theft, interfere with or interrupt the service, servers or network connected with the services or fail to comply with any of the requirements or regulated o the networks connected to the services.
  • Use fake identities or steal other people’s identities when using the website or any of its services, as well as the use of third parties’ passwords or access codes, or in any other way.
  • Falsifying or altering any information of the Company.
  • Introducing, storing or sharing on or from the website or app, any information that goes against the law, regulations, customs and public order or any material that is defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, incitement to violence or discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion or in any way that breaches morality, public order, fundamental rights, public freedom, or the honour, intimacy or image of third parties and, in general, the legislation in force.
  • Carrying out marketing or commercial activities through the web or app and using the content and information to send publicity, messages with any other commercial purpose or to collate or store third-party data.
  • Collaborating with a third party to carry out any of the action listed above.

4.2 Regarding the content and the intellectual and industrial property rights, apart from the ones stipulated in the relevant section, these are the following:

  • It is prohibited to reproduce, in any way even by hyperlink, the Company’s website or any of the content without express written authorisation from the Company.
  • It is prohibited to alter, reprogram, modify, adapt or translate the source code of the website or app.
  • Any partial or total copy of the source code of the website or app in any format shall be deemed to be an unauthorised copy.
  • It is completely prohibited to reproduce or copy for private use the content that may be deemed as software or databases in accordance with the legislation in force in terms of intellectual property, or to publish them or make the available to third parties, when such acts necessarily imply that the User or a third party reproduces the content.
  • It is prohibited to introduce, store or share on the website or app any content that could infringe third-party intellectual and industrial property rights or trade secrets and, in general, any content for which they do not hold the rights to share with third parties.
  • It is prohibited to collaborate with a third party to carry out any of the action listed above.


Under no circumstances, shall the Company be held liable for any of the situation listed below (the list is not exhaustive), or any damages derived therefrom.

The Company shall not be held liable for any delay, deletion, erroneous delivery or failure to save Users’ communications or personal settings.

The Company shall also not be held liable for decisions taken based on the information provided through the website or app, or any damaged that may be caused to the User or third parties based on the actions that they take based on the information obtained from the website or app.

The Company reserves the right to deny service to any person for any reason and/or to interrupt the service in full or in part at any time, with or without prior warning.

The use of the website and app is subject to the applicable legislation and the Use is solely responsible for the content of the communications they make through the website.

Accessing the website or app does not mean that Company has any obligation run checks for viruses, worms or any other harmful software. It is the User’s responsibility to use adequate tools for detecting and removing harmful software.

The Company takes no responsibility for damage caused to Users’ devices or those of third parties when providing services on the website or app.

The Company does not offer any guarantees and takes no responsibility under any circumstances for damages of any kind that may be caused by access to the content on the website or app.

The Company takes no responsibility for the following:

  • Any possible security errors that could be caused by the use of computers that have a virus:
  • Third parties using elements owned by the Company to fake an identity.
  • Third parties breaching intellectual and industrial and intellectual property rights.
  • Third party breaches that could affect users of the Company’s website or app.
  • If the web or app stops working or any of the services thereon, due to causes not attributable to the Company.
  • The consequences derived from the poor function of the browser or older versions thereof.
  • The existence of viruses or malware in the content.
  • Any use of the website, app or their content that is illicit, fraudulent, contrary to the terms of this Legal Notice, good faith by the Users.
  • Damage of any kind caused to the User that may be result of faults or disconnections from the telecommunications faults, faults in the computer or electronic systems causes by the website or app service being suspended, remover or interrupted when being provided or beforehand.
  • Regarding the content and services linked to form the website and app, we refer to the provisions of Section 3 of this Legal Notice on Hyperlinks and/or Links.


For any suggestions, queries, complaints or claims, the User can contact the Company through any current communication channel:


Address: Calle Gall 22 08950 Esplugues del Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain. Tel.: +34 934 588 566

Data Protection Email:

The aforementioned channels shall also be valid for any User who discovers that the websites linked to in the hyperlinks have content or service that are illicit, harmful, denigrating, violent or immoral to contact the Company and report it.

Furthermore, in accordance with Act 34/2002, if the Company receives any communication, it will not mean that it is effectively aware of the activities and/or content indicated by the User as the reporting party.


Every aspect of this Legal Notice is governed by Spanish legislation, in force at any given time in order to resolve any dispute that may arise regarding this Legal Notice or the relationship between the parties.

If any dispute or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of these legal conditions herein, shall be submitted to the courts and tribunals stipulated in the applicable legislation regarding applicable jurisdiction. However, if the User is based outside of Spain, both parties undertake to expressly waive any jurisdiction applicable thereto and submit the dispute to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.