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Laser hair removal treatments are one of the most demanded today. We all want to be prepared at any time to wear that dress, T-shirt or go to the beach!
Primelase is one of the fastest medical permanent hair removal treatments on the market. Its advanced diode laser technology removes unwanted hair from the face and body in all phototypes and throughout the year (even in summer and on tanned skin!). Primelase works by applying a high-powered beam of light that precisely targets the pigment in the hair follicle (melanin) and not the skin, causing thermal destruction of the cells that are responsible for hair growth.

Enjoy soft, hairless skin all-year round.

The Primelase treatments guarantee safety, speed and effectiveness in all sessions, even in the residual hair, in order to achieve a definitive depilation.

Primelase is one of the most effective diode hair removal treatments on the market and best suited to the unique needs of each individual.

Primelase treatments are:

Fast and effective

Fast and effective

Fast and effective due to its high power and to the energy that is targeted directly to the hair follicle and destroys it.

all skin types

All types of phototypes

For all phototypes and throughout the year. Its advanced technology allows it to treat all types of phototypes, even the darkest ones, all-year round.



The technology cold by contact guarantees comfortable treatments while your skin is always protected.

No recovery time

No downtime

You can return to your routine immediately after the treatment.

Treat absolutely any part of your body safely and effectively from the first session.

As a general guideline the active treatment times* are:

*(not including preparation)

Arms: 3 minutes
Lower legs: 3 minutes each
Full legs: 5-6 minutes
Chest/back: 1.5 minutes
Chest + abdomen: 2 minutes



Primelase uses diode laser technology in order to deliver the most effective hair removal treatment for all skin types maximizing the results while warrantying the integrity and health of your skin. In a very simplified way, our lasers produce a very intense light that is of a specific “color” (wavelength) that selectively and intensively heats the pigments in the hair follicle while avoiding other portions of the skin (in a similar way than the sun heats more a black surface than a white one). Over time, this heat permanently damages the structures of the hair follicles thus producing a reduction of the visible hair.

  • Primelase can be performed in all skin types and during the entire year as it is safe to be performed in darker skin types and even tanned skin. Primelase is also very effective on residual hair which is the thin remaining hair that many other laser treatments cannot get rid of.
  • Any patient is a candidate for hair removal by Primelase unless you have a specific condition that makes your skin sensitive to light or you are taking medication that makes your skin sensitive to light. Also, if you are pregnant it is recommended not to perform laser hair removal treatments as hormonal changes in your body can trigger unwanted reactions in the skin exposed to the laser treatment.

  • There isn’t any special preparation needed and your provider will instruct you beforehand what you need to do before each session. Since the laser cannot distinguish between hair above the surface of the skin from hair below it, which is the hair we want to damage, it is recommended to shave before the treatment to minimize potential superficial burns.
  • In general terms, you should avoid direct sun exposure the days prior to a treatment and also avoid plucking, waxing, electrolysis and any other method of removing hair by the root because we want to have a target to treat.

  • At the beginning of the session the provider will check the area to be treated to make sure of its integrity and conditions and also will ask you questions to help clearly identify your true skin type which is very important in order to select not only effective parameters but also safe ones. Once the parameters are selected, the provider will test a small area to verify the correct response and then continue with the full area to be treated. In order to ensure perfect contact with the skin, a thin layer of colorless ultrasound gel is applied.
  • Depending on several factors, such as skin type, hair color, hair density, first session or subsequent ones, the provider will select different options of diode “color” or wavelength, parameters to be used and static or dynamic modality. Even when these options can vary between sessions or between different areas to be treated, they are all selected to be the most safe and effective ones for you.

The hair removal treatment with Primelase should not be painful although some patients may experience some discomfort related to the heat produced by the laser interaction with the tissue or caused by the cooling used to protect the surface of the skin. Your provider will be checking with you about your comfort during the entire session and adjust the parameters if needed to ensure your complete satisfaction and the best results.

  • Many laser hair removal products promise similar results than Primelase but fail on delivering them. You should always discuss with your provider and ask about experience, patient feedback and any other question you may have. A good indication that the treatment is performed correctly is to experience a mild irritation of the hair follicles including redness and very slight inflammation around the follicle immediately after the treatment and the famous “smell of success” or slight smell of burn hair during the session.
  • You should never experience burns, blisters, or any adverse effect resulting from a Primelase treatment and if you experience any unexpected symptoms during or after your treatment, you should inform your provider immediately and follow their instructions.

  • There is no specific post-treatment care you need to follow other than avoiding direct sun exposure, the use of self-tanning lotions —as they can induce skin irritation—, tinting and excessive heat applied to the area treated —such as hot baths, jacuzzi or saunas— for a few days after the treatment.
  • Your provider will instruct you with details about what you can and cannot apply to the treated area.

  • Primelase, like other laser hair removal treatments, works by destroying only a percentage of the actual hair. The hair in our bodies grows at different rates and, at any given time, we have hair growing at different stages in the same area. Primelase targets hair in the active phase or anagen, meaning only hair in this phase will be eliminated during a session. In the next session, a different percentage of hair in this phase will be eliminated. Only by receiving multiple sessions can you ensure that a visible hair reduction in achieved.
  • The frequency of the sessions depends on factors such as initial session or subsequent ones and areas being treated, as hair grows at different rates in different areas, etc. As a general rule the first 3 sessions should be performed in 2 months, 4th and 5th sessions once a month and after that every 3 months to give time to the residual hair to grow.

Primelase progressively eliminates active follicles permanently (hair in anagen growth phase) through successive sessions. At certain times there are several factors that can activate currently inactive follicles. Hormonal changes, for example, can be found amongst these factors.

Yes, Primelase is safe and effective for all skin types during the entire year as it is safe and effective to be performed even on tanned skin.


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