Best laser hair removal with Elysion that guarantees safety, speed and effectiveness.

Wax and razors are a thing of the past, but you still haven’t decided on permanent hair removal?

Elysion is your treatment against unwanted hair on all parts of your body.

During treatment with Elysion, the energy of the diode laser beam penetrates the skin, heating the hair root and destroying it permanently.

Elysion removes even the finest and most residual hair thanks to its wavelengths that are adapted to the unique needs of your skin.

If you were looking for an effective device for each and every session, you have found it!

Fast and effective

Fast and effective due to the high power and the targeting of the energy to directly attack the hair follicle and destroy it.

All types of phototypes

For all phototypes and throughout the year. Its advanced technology allows it to treat all types of phototypes, even the darkest ones, all-year round



The technology of cold by contact guarantees comfortable treatments while your skin is always protected.

No recovery time

No recovery time

You can return to your routine immediately after the treatment.

Treat absolutely any part of your body where you want to remove unwanted hair.


Elysion treatment is indicated for all patients looking for a definitive, safe hair removal with excellent results. To evaluate if you are a candidate for this treatment, it is essential to go to an assessment appointment where some factors such as the color and type of skin, the characteristics of the hair and some important antecedents are considered. After this, the necessary sessions will be indicated so that you can have the expected results with the best depilation equipment on the market.

Depilation with the Elysion platform is suitable for all skin types, always bearing in mind the exclusion criteria for laser treatments.
Thanks to its 3 different wavelength applicators, it is possible to depilate all skin phototypes (I to VI Fitzpatrick scale) safely and effectively.

Yes, the Elysion system has several features that allow its use during the summer and with tanned skin:
a) The dynamic mode with which the operators can work produces a heat accumulation in the hair in safe conditions for tanned skin.
b) The Blend applicator (810+940nm+1060nm), which includes 3 wavelengths that mix simultaneously in each shot and allows to distribute the energy in different depths and thus protect the skin from possible thermal injuries.

Laser hair removal requires several treatment sessions for various reasons.
Firstly, during a treatment only hair that is in the growth phase, i.e. the anagen phase, can be removed.
Secondly, it is not possible in a single session to eliminate all the germinative cells in the hair; the greatest amount of cells are eliminated in the first sessions and those that remain are eliminated in subsequent ones.
The number of sessions will depend on the area to be treated, the thickness and color of the hair, the skin phototype and the specific needs of each patient. But above all, it will depend on the power of the laser, since the higher the power of the laser, the more cells we can eliminate in each session. As a guide, sessions can vary between 6 and 10, always depending on the criteria of the professional.

Elysion hair removal achieves permanent hair removal through successive sessions. The superior power of our equipment ensures the best hair removal results on the market. However, the quality of the hair removal does not only depend on the equipment but also on the type of patient. Fine, light hair and dark skin are more difficult to depilate compared to patients with light skin and dark hair. However, Elysion offers excellent results in both cases.

The time between sessions is usually 2.5 to 3 months.

1. Avoid medications or photo-sensitive supplements 3 days prior to treatment.

2. Shaving the treatment areas 24 hours before treatment (avoid waxing with hair cutting or plucking methods).

3. Avoid sun chambers or exposure to the sun 3 days prior to treatment.

4. On the day of treatment, avoid the use of creams, deodorants or oils.


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