Cryoadipolysis machine

Fat freezing technology

Cryoadipolysis  Machine



Cooltech is an exclusive and safe device for cryoadipolysis treatments. Its innovative system enables to simultaneously use two handpieces, which provides extraordinary results from the first session as well as a great profitability for the clinic center and the doctor.


Make it possible

"Cooltech is by far my favorite method for reducing fat, because its techniques are highly customizable and it has different applicators for each area, that way being able to obtain truly miraculous results. My clients and I are truly delighted with this piece of equipment.”

— Dr. Lohia (North American dermatologist specialized in treating celebrities)

Two simultaneous applicators

The exclusive design of Cooltech means that you can work with two applicators simultaneously, reducing treatment time and favoring the patient’s comfort, since in just one session you will be able to reduce two areas, obtaining a more visible and homogeneous effect.

The multiple body areas that can be treated with Cooltech and its special applicators is another one of the enormous advantages of this equipment, since full body contouring can be done in just a few sessions.

Technology & Characteristics

Cooltech treatment is designed to sculpt and redesign the whole figure; to achieve this goal, Cooltech has different applicators which are adapted to all body areas. All of the accessories work at a temperature up to -8ºC. Cooltech procedure works by a mechanism of action based on the principle of the vulnerability of fat cells (adipocytes) to temperature changes in that freezing adipose tissue causes a controlled cell death (apoptosis of adipocytes).

Cryoprotectant Membrane

Sinclair has patented the cool gel pad reinforced membrane, that guarantees maximum safety for its patients.


Indicated treatments

  • Neck
  • Axillary fold
  • Upper abdomen
  • Mid abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Hips

  • Inner part of the thighs
  • Knees
  • Subscapular
  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Under buttocks

"Cooltech is the perfect method for reducing localized and general fat in patients who do not wish to undergo surgical procedures. Its variety of applicators mean that all kinds of patients can be treated, always with incredible results.”

— Dr. Serena (Aesthetic doctor with more than 20 years’ experience in the sector)

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