Combination of radio frequency and ultrasound

Multiple treatments in just one device


Multiplatform solution which combines radio frequency technology and ultrasounds, indicated for body contouring and facial rejuvenation. We have combined this two technologies to offer you a three-dimensional pressure on the fatty tissue and therefore better results.

Body & Face

Firms up, smooths and defines. All in one device.

Work simultaneously with RF and Ultrasounds.
5 Body HPs and 2 Face HPs to adapt to your patients' needs.

Dalyance machine

Technology & Characteristics

The purpose of Dalyance radio frequency is to improve the quality of the skin on the face and body by stimulating collagenases through heat that is applied to the epidermis and adipose tissue.
Dalyance ultrasounds form microbubbles which are able to break the membrane of the adipose cell by making contact with the adipocytes, transforming the fat from a solid to a liquid state to be eliminated by the lymphatic system through the urinary tract.

The device works with different accessories and interchangeable heads, facilitating the operator’s work and adapting itself to the individual needs of each patient.
The results that Dalyance offers in facial treatments are: firm and rejuvenated skin, redefinition of facial contour, skin tautness, reduction of bags and rings, facial reaffirmation, and reduction of wrinkles and expression lines.
And in body treatments we achieve: reduction of hard, flaccid and edematous cellulite, reaffirmation and improvement of the skin look and contouring.

Indicated treatments

Facial rejuvenation

Dalyance treatment performs an anti-aging process allowing the patient to notice results from the first session. The effects on the skin are visible in:

Firmer and rejuvenated skin

Firming-up of the skin

Facial contouring

Reduction of the facial contour

Firming-up of the face and wrinkle reduction

Indicated treatments

Body contouring

Dalyance treatments stand out for being non-invasive and painless. Its innovating technology allows unbeatable results to be obtained, making it possible to observe the loss from the first session. Furthermore, Dalyance allows the treatment of cellulite in all its stages: hard, flaccid and edematous, obtaining the best result for each patient.
Body treatments offered by Dalyance are:

Cellulite reduction

Improved aspect of the skin


Body contouring

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