Cavitation - Ultrasonic fat treatment


Skin flaccidity and cellulite are two of the aspects that most concern women around the world. Both are difficult to treat, mainly because they are not easily solved only with diet and exercise and they appear in very visible parts of our body. Years ago, the only solution to these aesthetic problems was found going under the knife. We have designed specific treatments for these problems in which we combine the power of radiofrequency to generate collagen and elastin with the power of cavitation to fight fat cells. Dalyance treatments can also be applied to the face, neck and neckline with excellent results.


The purpose of radiofrequency is to improve the quality of the skin, both facial and body, and to stimulate collagenases by heating the adipose tissue and epidermis through heat diffusion.


Cavitation is a body treatment that uses low frequency ultrasounds that form microbubbles with a great amount of energy; they are capable of breaking the membrane of the adipose cell when they come into contact with the adipocytes, transforming the fat from a solid state to a liquid one to be eliminated by the lymphatic system in a natural way.

Dalyance treats all body and facial areas where you want to reduce flaccidity, wrinkles, fat and cellulite.


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